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lemursexbot's Journal

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  2011.11.19  18.43

Why is it that I am much more critical of my writings than my sewing? I'm trying to put together a submission for a poetry anthology that has to be in by the end of the month. First I tried to convince myself that I had no where near seven pages of decent poems so there was no reason to try to write a few more this week to make the deadline. So, I c&p'd all the poems I would consider submitting into one new document, reformatted into Times New Roman 12pt and discovered that I had just about 5(!) pages of poems already. Not only that, but only about 3 more poems would put me into the 7th page and into the submission requirements. My next reaction should be Wow! I'm going to have enough to submit! And it was -- for about long enough to post about it on Facebook. Then I started worrying that _none_ of my poems were good enough for submission if I considered that many good enough. Maybe I don't know what a good poem is.

I have no trouble believing people when they tell me how good I am at fabric crafts, yet I never believe it when people tell me my poems are good. I don't think it's that I think of myself as a poet and those offering the opinions as not, and therefore not able to see the deficiencies in my poems. If anything it's the opposite, I have much more trouble calling myself a poet than a fabric artist, and it's the critiques from writers and poets that I am the most disbelieving of. Argh! I can't even write 'other writers and poets'! Maybe there's a reason I keep expecting all my poems to be published posthumously.


  2011.04.26  14.31
Where I've been and where I'm going

2010 was hectic -- I ended 2009 homeless and sleeping in my sister's guest room, finally got a place and a roommate in Jan 2010, had to move out at the end of Feb because of interpersonal differences, and lived with a crazy woman for a landlady (shared house)until Nov, when her house was foreclosed on and I was homeless again. And then on Jan. 3, 2011, I moved me, my cat, and all my worldly possessions to Maryland to move in with a friend. I had lived 30 years in Texas.

I expected Maryland to be different, but the reality is much more than I thought it would be. Culture shock is not too mild a term.

But the good news is that I'm writing again now that I feel like I'm some place long term and secure. So I hope to be posting here again shortly. (about a month or so.)

Meanwhile, I'm starting up again my daily journal if you want to read about my life in Maryland.


  2008.10.25  17.00
New Life Motto

When life hands you alien cabbage, make kim chee.


  2007.12.22  23.25
New Story -- "Birthday"

Original fiction

Rating: R, adult themes, BDSM culture, no explicit sex


Birthday: a drabble novella

 I was anxious about going home,Collapse )


  2007.07.06  21.12
Muse Snippet

 My Muse decided to show up last night with this little snippet. Maybe this means I can finish some of my other works.

 I dreamed last night of being a slave.
It's not a dream I always have, but often enough.
I never tell Hari though. No matter what the priests say, there are some dreams the Dreamweaver doesn't need to know.
I dreamed last night of being a slave.
Of belonging to handsome Belleraphon, My Captain of My Guard.
Of being his house-slave, his bed-slave.
I cannot tell him, of course. No matter what the epics say, there are some things My Captain doesn't need to know.
I dreamed last night of being a slave.
And Kings must only dream of War, States, and Heroic Deeds.
Never of love.


  2007.02.26  07.31
my Franz slash Feb entry

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  2007.01.28  16.31

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Mood: horny

  2007.01.09  03.48
Bus Ride Home

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  2006.12.16  15.15

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