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lemursexbot's Journal

14 February 1968
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This is my journal for the discussion of sex, gender as it relates to sex, and a place for me to post my erotic fiction. All my stories are unlocked and tagged 'stories' to make them easy to find. Everything else is my random musings on sex, gender, and me. I have moved the appropriate communities from my main journal lemurjoe to here. Most of my friends are ones I've invited. If you haven't been invited and want to be added, post a comment and I'll consider it. If I have you listed as a friend and you'd rather not be, comment and I'll remove you. You only have to be added as a friend to see my possibly incoherent musings, not the finished stories.

Odds are, if you like my writing topics, you'll like the people over at fetlife.com. I'm lemur over there.
(NB: the fetlife front page is not work/child suitable.)